This is one of MANY reasons to hire an experienced contractor, many leaks start with flashing problems and the number one reason is poor installation. In few cases the flashing could be damaged from extreme weather but either way this problem is one that if addressed in a timely fashion can save you the cost of replacing an entire roof. Many leaks caused by flashing can simply be repaired if you have life left on the remainder of the roof. We will give you a honest evaluation that can save you money and time.

This is a tall tell sign of an expired roof and is usually caused from poor ventilation. The shingles bake from the inside causing sealants on the back of the shingle to detach from the course underneath and the shingle will start to shrink / curl.  Without the proper care during an inspection these shingles can break and leave your home  more susceptible to water or wind damage. You can trust us to evaluate your home properly and provide you with your available solutions.

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Most manufactures will say that the number one reason for shingle deterioration is poor ventilation. This is another effect it may have on your roof system. Other more recent factors have been noted as how tight homes have become to be more efficient. The more heat and vapor trapped in the attic, weakens the roof deck over time. Adding insulation to an attic, covers the soffit vents and chokes out a roof by reducing the ability to exhaust warm moist air through the roofs vents. When replacing a roof ensure you hire a professional whom is knowledgeable in ventilating a roof deck.

Storms today seem to be getting more an more extreme, so is the damage. Winds can dislodge or create damaged shingles which creates the opportunity for water damage. Hail damage cause fractures in the fiberglass embedded in the shingle and over time these fractures are stressed by expansion and contraction with the changing temperatures. This will eventually  cause the roof shingles to crack and will definitely cause water damage. It is very important to have your roof evaluated if you feel there may be hail damage to avoid the risk of your roof expiring before it's time. We have years of experience working with insurance claims and can guide you through the process.

It's good to familiarize yourself with key elements of a roof system to ensure that the work done on your home is correct and safe. Knowing the elements and the reasoning behind installing each of them, can guard you from allowing a contractor to install a system that may be cheaper TODAY but will end up being MORE expensive in the long run.

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If you have any specific questions about your roofing system Contact Us.

Shingles blow off or become dislodged when they lose their tinsel strength 

and the sealant no longer bonds them which makes them very susceptible to damage from even low impact wind storms. This usually means that the life of your roof may be expiring but occasionally you may just need to replace a few shingles that have been poorly installed or in an unusual area. Having a trustworthy contractor access your home will save you from having to replace a roof  which may only need repairing. Levesque Roofing will evaluate your roof and give you honest trustworthy advice

We would never recommend anyone to climb on their roof without proper experience and equipment. Most of these signs can be seen from the comfort of the ground. If you notice any of these sign or your roof is reaching its life expectancy contact us for a free HONEST evaluation of your roof system.

Granules exist on your roof for more than the beauty they provide to the eye. They are also on the roof to provide traction for the installer but most importantly they are designed to protect the asphalt and fiberglass mats from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. After a new roof is installed you can expect to have some granule loss due to the nature of the installation. If your aged roof is losing granule this may be because of storm damage or simply age. After a good rain fall check the exhaust locations of your downspout for significant granule loss, this is a sign to have a professional evaluate your roof system