A good majority of leaks start with these areas, flashing can deteriorate due to weather conditions but if not properly installed from the start it can take years off your roof life. Levesque Roofing will take the proper steps to ensure your flashing is secure and can stand up against   Alberta's climate changes.

Drip Edge: These are corner shaped metal strips that allow water from the roof to run cleanly off the edge. Without a drip edge, water may run down the side of the fascia and siding -- causing stains and eventual damage. The drip edge also supports the part of the shingle that extends past the decking. This is a crucial part of your roofing system and must be installed properly

Underlayment - This will prolong a roofs life as its major function is to prevent water from penetrating to the roof deck, when ice or water remain on the roof. These days no one should install a roof underlayment and it should be installed properly so water pools and long lasting snow do not damage your roof deck. There are two types of underlayment and Levesque Roofing uses both to ensure your protection from our seasons.

Asphalt Plain Felt- is a material saturated with asphalt sometimes referred to as "Tar Paper" and SHOULD cover your entire roof perimeter. This is a corner cut by some contractors and could be extremely detrimental to your roofs health.

Levesque Roofing understands the importance of Asphalt Plain Felt and will cover your entire roof deck before application

Ice and Water Shield: This is very important in the Canadian climate. Because of the freeze-thaw cycle the ice/water membrane should be installed on      the bare wood of the drip edges of the roof to prevent water from wicking up under the shingles and then freezing and cracking the shingles.   If this is installed poorly or there is a lack of, you can guarantee the life of your roof to drop significantly.

Roofing Terms

Ventilation - is the number two reason why a roof's life can be shortened drastically. ( The first being a poor installation/contractor) Proper ventilation will reduce moisture in the attic and keep the temperature more consistent in the winter months. This will in turn lead to less ice formation in the eave portion of your home.

Air Vents: There are several different types and styles of vents. It is important to have a expert access your roofing system and choose the appropriate ventilation system for your home.

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Flashing: Is an important element of your roofing system used to seal and protect joints on your roof deck from water penetration. The joints are among   the most vulnerable areas of roofing systems in the constant expand and contract response to changes in  the temperature.  They operate on the principle that, in order to penetrate a joint, water must work itself upward against the force of gravity.