Roofing Contractors asphalt

When it comes to style and colour the options are endless. You will want to first ask yourself a few questions to narrow down the product:

  • What is my budget for the project?
  • How durable does the product need to be for your climate / location?
  • What will it look like over time?
  • What will look good on my home?
  • Am I willing to pay for higher quality material to avoid having replacement/ repair costs?

With a better understanding of the qualities you desire a comparison can be made among Alberta's most commonly used products:

Levesque Roofing can provide you with advice and quotes on several different material options not only Asphalt and Cedar . We have been in industry and in Calgary for decades so we have first hand knowledge on our weather verses products available.

Besides our extensive knowledge in Asphalt and Cedar Roof Systems, Levesque Roofing employees have taken additional training in:

  • Metro Stone Coated Steel
  • DaVinci Roofscapes - Synthetic Slat/ Shingle
  • Sheet Metal